We sought a partnership with Angie of Lucky Little Learners because it was apparent to us that Angie's philosophies and goals are perfectly in sync with ours. Both companies have a a bottom line mission to enhance all aspects of education through positive student motivation and recognition.

We approached Angie because not only do we love her DIY Brag Tags, we also love the positive influence she has on the educational community. For more than 20 years, my sister, (Stacey) and I (Kim), have owned and operated School Life, and we love it! Our humble beginnings were made possible by the support and love of our father and partner Jim. Our family has deep roots in the public school system - our sweet Dad is a former principal and savvy business owner, and our cute Momma was the first female to be named High School Principal in one of the largest school districts in Texas, where she served tirelessly for over 20 years. Our aunts are retired teachers and librarians, so we learned early about the importance of quality education. The educational community, and student achievement, have always meant a lot to our family, so it has been our honor and goal from the very beginning to ensure that ALL students are being rewarded and recognized.

Over the past 20 years, to our delight, the Brag TagsĀ® craze spread and we began seeing the positive effects everywhere! Being the registered owner of our trademarked term Brag Tags, it is our legal responsibility to protect our intellectual property. It was evident to us that Angie shares the same goals as we do, and even more evident that she is respected and loved. So we contacted Angie to ask about her interest in licensing Brag TagsĀ® and creating a positive partnership with us to spread Brag Tag love to as many teachers and educational communities as possible.

Luckily, Lucky Little Learners saw the value in a positive partnership with School Life, and it was a match made in heaven. School Life and Lucky Little Learners partnered in January of 2019 to give ALL educators as much support as possible. We love hearing from you, so please, at any time, contact Kim & Stacey of SchoolLife.com or Angie of LuckyLittleLearners.com.

Kim & Stacey