How to Increase Attendance at Your School

At your first assembly, talk about collecting Brag Tags for each month a student earns Outstanding or Perfect Attendance. Work this into your discussion about eating a good breakfast, getting a good nights sleep and coming to school on-time ready to learn.

It is a good idea to give each student a starter spirit tag and chain. This begins their collection and gets students excited about getting more tags to “add-on” to their chain.

Another good idea, is to have a hall bulletin board showing each of the 9 perfect attendance brag tags that students will earn. This is a reminder for the students throughout the year to keep working on their attendance. Some schools even place a set of tags and plaque next to the student checkout sheet. This gets you and your attendance clerk out of the bad guy role but subtly lets parents know they can help their child get a perfect attendance brag tag.  

When you order all your Brag Tags in advance, the spirit Brag Tag has your school name on it. Save money by ordering all the other Brag Tags without your school name on them at one time. These are stock Brag Tags. This lets you order for the entire year, saving on shipping fees and combining the Brag Tags to achieve a volume discount. If you are ordering 1000+ tag, even if the designs are different, you will pay only $0.12 per Brag Tag for our stock Brag Tags. Students become more excited about collecting Brag Tags throughout the year. Many schools use this type of incentive program for their honor roll awards and accelerated reader awards. Then it grows from there.