Cut thin strips of construction paper (1 x 1.8″) in blue, white & silver or red, green and gold (or any holiday color theme you choose). Each day, until winter break – students will write random acts of kindness they’ve performed, or seen other students perform, on the strips of paper and add them to the “KINDNESS” chain.


The goal is to “naturally” do acts of kindness for people, living things and our earth every day!

Perform RAK at school, at home or in the community. (ex: take cookies to a neighbor, or elderly person, help another student with homework, write letters to veterans, clean litter in playground or in community, plant seeds, read to younger students, take notes or treats to school staff etc). See how long and colorful your classroom can make a kindness chain! String the chain up in the classroom; it will become more and more decorative as winter break approaches. Send this letter home to parents to inform them of the count down project, and get the whole family involved!

Another tip: After your kindness chain is completed, ask a volunteer to take it to a community elderly home, halfway house, or other needy facility, and decorate their door or tree. Be creative with this project, put your own spin on it, and have fun!