We're often asked for ways to get the word out to students and staff about utilizing Brag Tags® in conjunction with school and/or classroom goals.

Below are some things we’ve learned over the 20+ years that we’ve been creating wearable incentives to positively motivate students, specifically through the use of Brag Tags®.

We know that students love being awarded Brag Tags! The sense of pride and accomplishment is evident by the instant smile upon a student’s face when awarded a Brag Tags. When Brag Tags are introduced into school wide goals, programs and expectations, it doesn’t take long to notice how motivated students become to earn and collect as many Brag Tags as possible throughout the school year. Brag Tags stimulate friendly competition between students and classrooms, and encourage goals and expectations to be met in order to earn more Brag Tags. Students proudly wear Brag Tags around their neck or dangle them from backpacks so that they can display their accomplishments to the world!

So, we know students love to be awarded Brag Tags, but just how can you bring awareness to students, staff and parents about utilizing Brag Tag as an incentive to meet desired goals, behaviors and expectations?

1. Giving every students a starter Brag Tag is a really good way to stimulate buzz, as this motivates students to earn more!