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Ross Braun

Introducing Ross Braun

Our New VP of Positive Education at!

Brag with Becci, Expert Librarian

Introducing Brag Tags

Becci shares a slideshow that she uses to introduce students to the reading program that is incentivized with Brag Tags.

Behind the Brag Tags

Becci explains how she came up with her school library reading program, what it is, how it works and the results they have seen using Brag Tags to incentivize and motivate their students to read.

Creative Tips

Becci gives some tips about - creating a contest for students to design their own Brag Tags - preferred attachment accessories - setting expectations from their readers - what to be flexible with

Introducing Book Selections

Becci talks about what kinds of books she has selected for her reading program.

Kids' Perspective - BragTags

Here directly from the students what they think about their reading program and Brag Tags.

Kids' Perspective - Enrichment Project

Hear from the students about their reading enrichment project.