Bundle Packs - Holiday


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Bundle Packs - Holiday

Price as configured: $1.35

Holiday Bundle Packs

Your customizable Holiday Bundle Pack includes:

  • 1 Halloween BragTag® 
  • 1 Birthday Custom Patch Tag
  • 1 Valentine's Day BragTag® 
  • 1 Happy Holidays BragTag® 
  • 1 24" Neck Chain
  • 1 1" Split Key Ring

You get ALL this for only $1.35 per bundle! 

Celebrate special days the right way by purchasing each student a Holiday Bundle Pack to encourage celebration of festive events! 

The BragTags® are personalized with your school name.  If for some reason, you do not want your school name on the tags, just enter "none" in the appropriate field below.



This 6-piece Holiday Bundle Pack includes 3 BragTags®, 1 Custom Patch Tag, 1" Split Key Ring, and 1 24" Neck Chain. The BragTags® are personalized with your school name! These tags celebrate Halloween, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, and the winter holidays. 

Celebrate the special days in your classroom with this Holiday Bundle Pack. Use this pack to complement your student's existing BragTag® collections, or get them specifically as festive gifts to honor your students on holidays throughout the year. With the Neck Chain, students will love displaying these holiday-themed BragTags®, and on their birthday's give them the Happy Birthday Custom Patch Tags on the Key Rings for them to hang on their backpacks with pride.