Custom Tag Designer

I just wanted to say one more time how AMAZING your company is to work with. Your artists never fail to exceed my expectations, even when I feel the directions I give are somewhat vague! Thanks for doing great work and offering a quality product at a reasonable price. I can't tell you the number of people (teachers, principals, parents, PTO, church leadership team, miscellaneous family members...) who have heard me sing your praises. THANK YOU! - Carrie from Ohio

How to Build A Custom Brag Tag®

Select the CUSTOMIZE link above and tell us what you would like. Give us your imprint specification, make sure to select the Brag Tag Shape and Background. You can also upload your own logo. There is a space for additional notes to let your designer know anything extra. Here you can let us know what you want this tag to be; for example a macho group of 5th grade readers or the cup cake debate team winners. Give us the age range of the students earning and collecting these Brag Tags, and anything else you can think of to help us create the perfect custom Brag Tag for you. You can take any of our existing Brag Tag Designs ( click the blue ADD IMPRINT button) and write any changes, updates an/or desired imprint in the Imprint Specification box. You can request changes to the the Text, Image, Text Colors, Background Colors. Our in-house design eam will take great care of your requests and make sure you are 100% happy with everything about your Brag Tag.


  • 1. Is there a word limit? No. However the fewer words, the larger we can make your imprint.
  • 2. Can I use another school's brag tag designs? Yes. To view other school design idea, click our SHOWCASE
  • 3. Can I use a photograph? Yes. Simply upload your photograph in our CUSTOM BRAG TAG DESIGNER.
  • 4. Can I make my tags double-sided? Yes. All of our Brag Tags are full color double sided.
  • 5. Can I add individual student names to my Brag Tag? Yes for a small additional charge. Use our CUSTOM TAG WITH NAMES.
  • 6. Can I use student artwork? Yes. Please encourage your students to leave room around the edge of their artwork for the background. Tell your students to have all text and critical graphics a finger length away from the edge of the paper. Use our CUSTOM BRAG TAG DESIGNER to upload student drawings.
  • 7. Can I submit my own tag design using my graphics program? Yes, you can upload your own design in our CUSTOM BRAG TAG DESIGNER. Adobe Illustrator or PDF files preferred.
  • 8. Can I customize a Metal Brag Tag? Yes. Click CUSTOM METAL BRAG TAG.

We develop Brag Tags and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our price and pass that savings along to our customers.

We post proofs for your review within 16 hours of your request and most days within 4 hours.

We ship your custom Brag Tags within 24 hours of your order.