Welcome to School Life!

A Family History of Commitment to Education

For more than 20 years, my sister, (Stacey) and I (Kim), have owned and operated the businesses SchoolLife and ImageStuff. Our humble beginnings were made possible by the support and love of our father and partner Jim. Our family has deep roots in the public school system - our sweet Dad is a former principal and savvy business owner, and our cute Momma was the first female to be named High School Principal in one of the largest school districts in Texas, where she served tirelessly for over 20 years. Our aunts are retired teachers and librarians, so we learned early on the importance of quality education. Public schools and student achievement have always meant a lot to our family, so it has been our honor and goal from the very beginning to ensure that ALL students are being rewarded and recognized.


Why SchoolLife

We named our company School Life because we care deeply about the life of your school! We're here to make your school and your students stand out - by honoring and rejoicing in the things that make your students special.

Stacey and I were born and raised in Texas, and both made our way to the west coast. The humble beginnings of School Life and ImageStuff began in Stacey’s garage in Camarillo CA in 1996. We're now proud to have expanded to manufacturing facilities and offices in California, Oregon, and of course, Texas. As our reach and our plans have grown, we've always remained focused on YOU: the administrators, teachers, and parents who share our passion for celebrating students' accomplishments. Our business is a labor of love, and we are honored to have you join us in the excitement.  

Brag Tags Motivate Students for Success

We know that the little things you do in the classroom make enormous differences in the lives of your students. We understand how difficult it can be to make sure that students get the recognition they deserve, especially during tough economic times. That's why along with custom school buttons, stickers, medallions, lapel pins and apparel, we created and originated BragTags® - laminated military style dog tags - as a low-cost incentive for students.

We first saw a need for Brag Tags when we noticed teachers' desire to reward and motivate their students with a low-cost, custom product. Brag Tags come with a variety of different slogans and designs, rewarding accomplishments from attendance to citizenship to academic merit, and celebrating special events from the first day of school to the last, along with every important moment in between.

Easily Showcase Student Accomplishments

However, the best part about Brag Tags is that students LOVE to collect them. Whether they're displayed in the classroom or worn by students, Brag Tags give kids a way to showcase their accomplishments. We believe that proud students are good students! Getting kids excited about school and motivating them to do well early on is shown to have a large impact on not only the rest of their educational careers, but also the rest of their lives.

Brag Tags Work

We might be a little biased, but we really believe that Brag Tags are the best and easiest way to reward, celebrate, and inspire GREAT students. We aren't the only ones who feel this way. Countless educators, administrators, and parents rave about the big impact made by these small Brag Tags! We think you'll agree. See what our customer say!

Thank you again for stopping by SchoolLife.com. For over 20 years, patrons like you have allowed us to do something we love and really, truly believe in.  From our family to your classroom, we wish you all the best, and we'd like to dedicate our next 20 years to YOU and the students you love to support!