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    What Are Brag Tags?

    Brag Tags are about the size of a military dog tag 2” x 3”, and hang on a ball chain necklace or keychain. Our inexpensive Brag Tags are fully customizable tags designed to motivate, recognize, reward and promote positive behavior throughout your classroom and school.

    How to use Brag Tags?

    Motivate students and bring awareness to school topics, activities and programs by awarding your students with Brag Tags. Reward students that demonstrate a desired behavior by giving them a Brag Tag.


Welcome to School Life | 2023-2024 CATALOG | What is a Brag Tag®?

School Life is the creator of Brag Tags®. Brag Tags are a “dog tag” styled necklace for kids that we produce here in the USA. Students love to earn and collect Brag Tags for achieved goals. Our Brag Tags are a highly effective motivational reward incentive used in thousands of schools, libraries and educational organizations across the nation. We offer many Brag Tag shapes, so collecting is exciting and fun. Students eagerly add Brag Tags to a ball chain necklace or hang them from a keychain, key ring or cable ring on their backpacks. Student collections of Brag Tags become a proud symbol of accomplishments. See proud students displaying their Brag Tags®. Read hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials about the value and success of our Brag Tags.