Attendance Themes

Each year School Life develops new Perfect Attendance Brag Tags to assist you in rewarding your students for outstanding and perfect attendance each month. Every year we have new holiday Brag Tags, new academic Brag Tags and we introduce one new theme. Students love getting rewarded for perfect or outstanding attendance with Brag Tags.

How does our Perfect Attendance Brag Tag Program work? Give each student a starter chain. Most elementary schools use either 24” neck chains or 4” key chains for their backpacks. Students “collect” their Brag Tags on this chain. Order your attendance incentive tags at the end of each month. Order the exact amount you need. For smaller schools, order stock Perfect Attendance Brag Tags for the entire year and save on shipping fees and get volume discounts! We ship your Brag Tags the next business day so depending on where you are located your Brag Tags will arrive within 1 to 5 business days from the date of your order.

At your first attendance assembly talk with your students about about the importance of getting a good nights sleep, eating breakfast and getting to school on time. Show your students the Brag Tags they will earn each month if they achieve perfect attendance. This becomes a powerful attendance incentive and motivator to get to school on time ready to learn. You can create a bulletin board display as a daily reminder of your attendance incentive. For students that achieve perfect attendance all year, you can award them with a $4 plaque.