• CSLP Adventure Pack
  • 2024 iRead Read Renew Repeat

CSLP Adventure Value Pack

CSLP Brag Tags are proven to increase participation, and ignite a love of reading for a lifetime. Young patrons are eager to earn and collect them all!

CSLP Adventure Prize Pack

Challenge young readers and reward them for their achievements. Gone are the days of junky toys. Kids proudly wear CSLP collectable Brag Tags, or dangle from bags and backpacks. 

Custom Brag Tags

Full color double sided. Add your library name, logo and imprint. QR code Brag Tags help increase participation by making registration a quick scan! Visit schools, give students your custom tag and increase summer registration.

iREAD Bradly Value Pack

Immerse yourself in the world of literature with iRead Brag Tags, showcasing artwork by Holly Bradly. Each pack contains a treasure trove of engaging Brag Tags that young readers can proudly collect.

iREAD Chin Value Pack

Discover the magic of reading with our iRead Value Packs, featuring captivating artwork by Jason Chin. Each pack is carefully curated to inspire young readers.

iREAD Stanley Value Pack

Introducing our "Read, Renew, Repeat" Value Pack, a dynamic collaboration with iRead that celebrates the power of reading as a means of self-expression and change.

Reading Brag Tags

Explore our wide range of Reading Brag Tag awards, perfect for students to collect and proudly wear. Our expansive variety of designs makes finding the awards your readers will cherish a breeze.

Genre Value Pack

This Brag Tag Value Pack is designed to inspire readers to explore different genres within your library. Encourage a love for reading and a curiosity for new literary adventures.

Genre Aisle Banners

Elevate your library's ambiance with our full color vinyl aisle banners. Perfect for organizing and labeling your library's sections, making it engaging and easy for young readers to find their favorite genres.

1000 Before Kinder

Reading is an early indicator of academic success. Our partnership with 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a fun and effective approach to establishing strong early literacy skills.

Brag Sticks

Introducing our Reading Brag Sticks, exclusively offered at School Life. These flexible rubbery 3D Sticks are the perfect way for students to proudly display their reading achievements.


Discover our collection of Bookmarks, designed to celebrate your students' love for reading and their dedication to hitting their reading goals. Or customize your own unique bookmark.

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