Q: What are Attendance Brag Tags® All About?

A: Over the past 20 plus years we've helped thousands of schools dramatically increase their attendance records. But don't just take our word for it, see what other real educators say. Positive Motivation goes a long way! In an effort to motivate students to come to school every day ready to learn, we've created the #1 student wearable incentive for attendance. Each month’s Attendance Brag Tags are unique and bright, so collecting is fun for the students. You will quickly notice how students are eager to earn the next Attendance Brag Tag! Watch how your students beam with pride as Attendance Tags are added to their ball chain each month! Our Brag Tags are plastic teslin, durable and water proof. Check out ideas on how to increase attendance at your school.

Q: Why do I need to choose an Attendance THEME?

A: We've found that students and schools like a cohesive Yearly Attendance Theme for the school year. Themed tags quickly become a collectors item for students! We create fresh new, popular and topical themes each year. Our designers know what's hot, and our Brag Tags reflect that! Simply choose an Attendance Theme, and we’ll do the rest! Add stock Attendance Themed Tags directly to your cart for immediate checkout, or if you want to add your school imprint, just give us less than 48 hours and we’ll post free virtual proofs for each month into your free online School Life account

Q: Do I have to choose an attendance THEME?

A: Not at all. You can tailor any Attendance Brag Tags to work with your attendance goals any way you wish! View All Attendance Brag Tags.

Q: What is a good way to GET STARTED?

A: Many schools provide every student with one Starter Spirit Brag Tag and one Ball Chain at the beginning of the school year. Then students add Attendance Brag Tags to their Brag Chain throughout the school year. Check out Spirit Tags for ideas on your Custom Starter Spirit Tags. Ball chains are sold separately so you can decide if you'd like for your students to proudly wear Attendance Tags around their neck, or dangle the tags from their backpacks.

Q: Which chain should I get?

The most popular for elementary schools is the 4” back pack chain followed by the 24” neck chain. Students use the 4” chain to attach tags to their backpacks. The 24” chains are the perfect length for elementary students to wear. The 30” chains should be for middle and high schools or if you want younger students to be able to put on over their head without unclasping. Our military folks wear 30” chains. Our ball chains are made in the USA.

Q: How many chains do I need?

Get one chain for each student enrolled plus a few extras in case students loose chains or new students are added. We even find teachers and staff want to collect tags on their chain. Students add their tags on to their chain so they will only need one chain.

Q: Do students take their chains home?

A: It is up to you. However, we recommend that they are kept at school. Students were their chains during the school day and leave them in a designated place at the end of each school day. At the end of the year the chains are taken home with all there Brag Tags.

Q: Do I need to get my school name on Attendance Brag Tags?

A: Not at all, we create so many unique attendance brag tags that are fun for students to collect every month! You can simply add Stock Attendance Brag Tags to your cart and order immediately. Your cart will automatically tally all of the Stock Tags that you've added to give you a quantity discount!

Q: If I do want my school name on Attendance Brag Tags, can I see how my imprint will look before I decide to purchase?

A: Yes, we create FREE virtual proofs and there is no obligation to purchase. We are so confident you will love your proofs there is absolutely no charge. Show your proofs to your school staff to get their buy-in to your attendance goals for the year. Your free tag proofs will live in your account forever so you can order and reorder anytime. Custom Tags cost only a penny more than Stock Tags and can not be combined for quantity discounts like our stock tags.

Q: Can I change the text Perfect Attendance to Outstanding Attendance and/or request other changes?

A: Yes, for any custom tag you can change anything, including the text from Perfect to Outstanding, Stellar, Excellent, etc. Stock tags are stock and cannot be changed.

Q: Can I change my virtual proofs?

A: Yes, you will receive an email when your proofs are ready for your review. From there, you can request any changes you would like.

Q: Do I need to know how many Attendance Tags I want to order at the beginning of the year?

A: If you are ordering monthly, you do not. We recommend any schools that have fewer than 400 students to order all your attendance tags at one time. This will save you money on quantity discounts and shipping. Any left over tags can be used the following year for kindergarten students.

Q: How long does it take to get my Attendance Tags?

A: We ship stock and custom tags NEXT DAY! So depending on your location you'll receive tags within 1-5 days from your order via regular shipping. We also offer special shipping should you need your tags sooner. We proudly manufacture our tags in Texas, USA.

Q: Can I use a personal or school credit card?

A: Sure thing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

Q: Can you bill my school?

A: Absolutely. We are a company founded by teachers and principal's. We 'get' School Life. Submit your order and we are happy to bill your school as long as we are shipping to your schools address.

Q: Can I use a School Purchase Order?

A: Yes, that is our specialty. We have a special feature in your cart specifically for School Purchase orders. Simply build your cart with your order, then click the blue GET ESTIMATE button, and that will generate a nice neat PDF that includes all your added items, and the order total. That PDF can be given to the person in charge of writing requisitions and purchase orders. Your cart stays in tact the way you built it until the PO is ready to be processed. The PDF contains an estimate number that can be referenced in case your school requires PO's to be emailed, faxed or mailed to us for processing.

Q: Can you tell me more about Brag Tags in general?

A: Absolutely. Here's the skinny on how, what, when and why to use Brag Tags®.

Q: I have another question or special request, can I call you?

Yes, we love talking to our customers. Please call us toll free, 877-773-7705, or contact us at [email protected]. We appreciate partnering with you, and will work hard every day to make your job easier!