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Make your school vibrant, unique and successful with ATTENDANCE BRAG TAGS®. For over 20 years, School Life has been the Home and Creator of the Original Brag Tags® that motivate and inspire positive results. TO GET STARTED | Select an Attendance Brag Tag below then click ADD TO CART, or click ADD IMPRINT to customize any Attendance Brag Tag with your school name. Or select our CUSTOM TAG DESIGNER to create your own one-of-a-kind Custom Brag Tag from scratch. FREE custom proofs within 48 hours!

Attendance Brag Tags are our best seller. Fun-shaped, vibrant perfect attendance prizes are ideal for recognizing students' accomplishments. A perfect attendance award is so simple and yet so powerful with boys and girls alike. Praise students who have perfect attendance or outstanding attendance and watch your ADA numbers grow.

Each Attendance Brag Tag encourages students to be on time and at school everyday ready to learn. Students love to collect and display their perfect attendance awards.